My Top 5 Youtube Mixes to do Yoga to.

Here is a list of Youtube Yoga music mixes that are great accompaniments to your Yoga session. There’s a mix here for every Yoga mood.

  1. Mayawaska – Eastern Charisma. I love the chanting in this mix. The voices are so melodious and deep.

2. Hang drum + Tabla – Meditative Mind. I love doing Yoga to hang drum music. I swear it must be made for doing Yoga to! This mix in particular is so relaxing, yet energizing.

3. The is the ultimate for a chilled yin Yoga session, the woman’s voice singing the chants is absolutely stunning.

4. VA chillstep – Yoga music is something very personal, and sometimes I like listening to chillstep when I do Yoga, if you do too, or if you want to try it out, this one is awesome!

5. Wishlight – Pengroves. I sometimes feel like listening to acoustic guitar, and this mix is as chilled as it gets. I absolutely love doing Yoga to this one.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Youtube Yoga mixes. Feel free to add your own favourite in the comments!

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