Off-grid Yoga aims

I know that lots of people struggle to practice Yoga on their own. They tell me they love going to class, but when they try to do it outside of the studio they feel a bit lost, unsure of what to do, or can’t remember the poses they did in classes.

So I created offgridyoga.com with the aim of being able to help these people, to inject a bit of creativity into their practice. It is my aim to create simple, but creative yoga flows that you can use:

  • To build up to certain challenge poses
  • If you fancy practicing a certain type of pose that day, perhaps your body is calling out for backbends.
  • I also designed them so you can link the sequences together to create a whole and balanced practice.
  • Or, perhaps you can slot one of the sequences if you only have 10 minutes to spare.

More about me

I am a passionately curious individual, particularly in regards to spirituality, meditation, and Yoga. The different ways cultures and religions see the world are fascinating to me. I love to see if there are any useful bits that I can take with me into my own life.

I believe that there is a common ground between all religions, and it is possible that we all worship the same “great spirit,” the same energy, the same creative force in the universe. However, the ego likes to make us feel like we are separate. So, we formed lots of different religions out of the fundamental belief that there is something more to life that what we see with our own two eyes.

I love travelling in our van with my wonderful partner and our dog. We spend some of the time travelling, some of the time living off-grid in Spain, developing an off-grid yoga retreat.

I also have a passion for language, and a BA in English Language and Linguistics. I am a qualified copy-editor/proofreader, and content-writer. My specialisation is providing content and editing for the Yoga community. Check out my website www.wordsbykrista.com for more information.

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