A small mindfulness tip that makes a BIG difference

Clear out some baggage of unhelpful, negative thoughts with this mindfulness tip.

It’s simple really.

What if you were to stop as asking yourself…

“What if I found out I had cancer tomorrow?” And then proceeding to go through the whole scenario in your mind: imagining what it would be like to tell your friends, having to shave your head, and perhaps a funeral in there for good measure.

Or, “what if my …insert loved one here… dies?” Cue imaginations of the grief. What would that agony of grief feel like? What would it being like trying to live without this person?

Perhaps, it goes in a different direction; “what if I never gave up playing the guitar when I was younger? How good would I be now if I never gave it up?” Cue imaginations of the really cool band I would inevitably be in, and how popular this would have made me.

This list goes on:

“What if my partner cheats on me?”

“What if my house were to burn down tomorrow?”

“What if I lost my job?”

“What if I hadn’t stopped going to those French lessons?”

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Then I caught on to the fact that I was telling myself all these horrible stories.

Why was it perversely enjoyable to imagine all these terrible things happening?

It cannot be doing anything to improve my happiness to imagine these things. It can only, in fact, be detrimental. It can only make you look for bad things that are going to happen at every juncture, and increase hypochondriac tendencies. So, why do it?


Also, on the flip side, it was somewhat fun to imagine being in a cool band, but you start with this narrative of “I’m not enough as I am now”; as you are, in this body, having made the choices that you have made.

Now I look out for the signal, “what if…?” And I change the track, “no, I am not telling myself these stories.”

I’m sure I have the strength to cope with the tragedies but for now, this moment is pretty good. Once I started to catch myself going down this track and stopping it, I really noticed a marked improvement in my overall happiness. I changed the narrative, and the stories I was telling myself.

Try having a look at some the stories you might be telling yourself.

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